About Click Photo

About Click

Click Photo was established by Chris Hawking in 2011 in Bendigo (Victoria, Australia) and has rapidly grown into a busy and creative business. With happy clients right across Victoria, Click Photo is founded on providing excellent customer service in rapid time, a professional manner and with no-fuss.

What sets Click Photo apart is years of practical digital design experience and of graphic design with a strong digital focus.  Although these things are not directly photography related, my understanding of the technology means I can exploit the technology to ensure we get the most out of you photo shoot or portrait photography session.

But photography is so much more than the technical – photography is about a different way of looking, observing, I like to gauge the emotional climate and translate that to my work. My style is not intrusive, I like to stand back and observe, work out the nuance of the day, I like to capture the quiet moments, the intimate exchanges.

For example, photographing a child’s birthday party, you want your photographs to express what is going on, the relationships, and the love, the excitement, not just some kid in a paper hat opening presents. That’s why I take the time to absorb, and if possible get to know you and your subject before the photo shoot.

Click Photo recently photographed a community consultation event in Central Victoria – In an RSL Hall, not a visually exciting space and not a lot of action, simply community members involved in discussion. Potentially a pretty stale photo shoot, but by tuning into the discussion, why people were there, I felt the excitement was really palpable, you could feel the sense of connection so that became the focus -  the connections, the relationships, the people.  The client was thrilled with the result.